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Next Level Insurance Claims Management Software

We provide electronic insurance administration and claims services
using iDenis, our automated rules-based platform.

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About Us

Don’t you wish you had better insurance systems and software with which to manage your insurance business?

We have been doing insurance administration and claims for over 20 years and much of what we have built is based on our real world experience with clients and contracts in a number of different countries.

We offer game-changing systems and software that enable rapid processing of claims, high accuracy and with as little human intervention as possible, thereby saving you valuable time and unnecessary expenses.

Our team of experienced professionals is committed to providing exceptional customer service and support, ensuring that your business runs smoothly with minimal disruptions. We work with you to customize our technology to meet your specific business needs, providing tailored solutions that are cost-effective and efficient.

Whether you use us as a back office insurance administration team, an outsourced claims administrator or as a provider and supporter of an in house insurance system, you can depend on us for secure, professional and friendly service.

Denis insurance claims

The iDenis system provides 3 easy to use access portals:

The iDenis system is cloud based in Microsoft Azure Amsterdam. The system is accessed via 3 easy to use portals with MFA:

The Member Portal where members can:

  • Submit claims securely online
  • Submit claims via their mobile device
  • See their historic claims
  • Track the progress of current claims
  • Communicate easily and securely with the administrator
  • Receive claim remittances electronically and securely
  • Receive settlements directly to bank accounts

The Administration Portal

This is used by brokers or the in-house sales team to efficiently manage client and membership details. Member details are uploaded and managed here. Customer fulfilment documentation and welcome letters are automatically generated. Accurate client invoicing is based on the membership data uploads and product configuration, leading to accurate and rapid reconciliation.

The Claims Portal

This is used by your in-house or outsourced or home based claims teams to access the iDenis claims system. This is where claims are processed and finalised and also where secure client communication is managed. Automated emails and remittance advices are all configurable.

Services We Offer To Our Customers

Services we offer

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Insurance brokers typically need to be out in the world facing customers and administration often takes second place to sales. iDenis membership administration has your back. You can remotely log in to add new members, upload member data from corporate clients, manage your invoicing and a number of other tasks. Its all cloud based so suits mobile people.

The Denis Group offers third-party claims administration services and bespoke SAAS for insurance claims.

iDenis system is well suited for high volume low value claims that are more easily assessed with rules.

Dental is a notoriously difficult class of insurance to manage which is why most insurance plans have a very limited benefit. One of the reasons for this is the fact that each insured has up to 32 teeth each of which can have one or more of the same insured events. Without keeping track of teeth, it is impossible to manage dental claims risk. iDenis keeps a record of each treatment on each tooth and our algorithms can prevent abuse, reporting errors, over-claiming and a host of other factors that make dental insurance so difficult to manage within set loss ratios.

Denis Europe systems are housed in Amsterdam and Dublin.

Denis services can be offered in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Poland, Estonia and any other European country.

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    Contact us and let’s give your back office administration a boost.

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    We are proud of our global success record!

    Our software has been successfully translated into various languages, including Norwegian, Danish, Spanish, Swedish and Estonian. Our software can in fact be translated to just about any language.

    No matter where in the world you conduct your insurance business, we can provide an insurance administration and claims management solution that will work for you.

    We ensure that tight security systems and privacy are always a top priority within our software and support systems development.

    The insurance industry can often fall victim to money laundering and other criminal network activities. Low-cost claim schemes are especially vulnerable to such opportunists, which are often sponsored by criminal rings.

    Therefore, the iDenis system imposes robust checks to every claim for potential links to any form of criminal activity and will prevent claims from being made to people on Government restricted lists. This also prevents the insurers scheme from being misused by nefarious groups.

    Our software technology and insurance administration systems can be customised to ideally suit your business. The iDenis svstem provides each insured person with access to several services that will all have the same professional look and feel of your business brand profile.
    This will allow you to promote your brand proudly, confidently and with peace of mind.

    Our reporting facilities are able to provide you with clear and detailed data, which means that underwriting can be conducted more efficiently, confidently and accurately.

    In terms of our client experience and feedback, the iDenis system has clearly proven to be both cost-effective and user-friendly in its application.